Apr 29, 2006


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this is felix. i met him at creamer's field today. he was there watching the ducks, geese, and swans come in for the summer. we chatted for a bit, and he told me this was his first time in alaska- he traveled up from indianapolis (originally from mexico city) looking for work in the oil fields. he was a little scared to see my camera- asking me if i worked for the paper. i wondered what his immigration status was, but didn't ask- we just talked about birds. we chatted about the winter, the midwest, and the price of oil. he was a genuine guy.- hope i see him around again, and that he gets the job.

on a side note. there was a pro photographing the birds this morning with the full on nature photog set up- 500-600mm lens, tripod, vest, business face. when i snapped photos near him he watched curiously. i didn't take one photo of the field, just the people that had congregated to watch the birds. he must have thought i was a nut job with my 50mm lens, shooting things i could get close enough to touch. it's funny- one medium with two entirely different approaches.

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