Apr 24, 2006

the arctic

dea and i made a trip to finger rock, the arctic circle and coldfoot this weekend. we had never been this far north, and the experience was outstanding. it’s difficult, if not impossible, to explain what the north arctic is like. the expanse seems limitless- it’s a scene of endless horizons of black spruce, snow, frozen rivers, rock, and sky. at this latitude we are on the only road in Alaska. to the east and west: only wild land inhabited by an ancient culture and hearty souls.

as beautiful, and relatively untouched, as the north is however it only solidifies in me my obvious non interest in nature photography. i was excited for this trip into the vastness, and the remoteness and perspective moved me greatly, but, oddly, didn’t push me to shoot. i’m, no doubt, influenced by the land that surrounds me; however the land alone doesn’t inspire in me the image. it’s the people, and man made structures that break up this wilderness that inspire.

the 250 miles of mostly dirt road to coldfoot are void of virtually any structures- no broken barns, no mobile homes or ranches, no mailboxes or telephone lines. but, it’s the absence of these things which makes the arctic region so unique- the reason it must be preserved. nowhere else can one see so much, and so little. it was inspiring, humbling, but ultimately frustrating- i have become a creature that demands clutter.

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the pipeline

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a recovering burn

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the question - "leave it or tow it?"

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