Apr 12, 2006

good will

i spent an hour or so at the good will store yesterday, looking for props and shoot accessories. i'm in need of a solid briefcase for a shoot that i'm planning once the parking lots are clear of snow. also, need a lamp with a long slender body to it. always looking for solid shoes.

the good will is always a trip- never a lack of crazy folk. yelling mothers, angry grandmas, hopefull children, drunk natives, just a day in the life at the goodwill. i feel really comfortable there though.

it's funny. the good will stores in boulder housed top notch stuff. all the rich and pretty people would come down from their castles with last years fashions and decor, and cast it aside without an ounce of sentimentality. deals and steals abounded. here in fairbanks however, everything has a worn quality that is undeniable. this land is hard. people really use things- use them until their function is ultimately compromised, with little regard for it's form. everything has a hole. a dent. a rip. much character at the good will.

listening to: the twilight singers

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