Apr 16, 2006


rose with the sun this morning, and have been surprisingly productive. i'm addicted to these early morning hours- just me, a strong coffee, a sleepy mind succumbing to the power of idea and action, and the slow croon of some alt-country in the earphones.

i finally figured out the last website issue that has stumped me for the past two weeks. of course, i figured it out this morning with a new perspective- one unencumbered by past failed attempts to resolve.

also, secured the domain name for my web mag. not sure when i will devote the time to put the pieces together, but i'm one small step closer.

intended to pull the trigger on the new body today, but b&h is not accepting order for the holiday.

i'm looking forward to a day with good friends. brunch with the crew at julie's, followed by a hike on moose mountain. then back to the condo, where dea and i will make kapusta and horseradish. we are all gathering here for dinner and much drinking.

finally, i did a quick scan of the latest news on cnn this morning to see a headline of a mountain lion attack on a 7 year old boy. my first thought? boulder! wouldn't you know it- the boy was attacked on flagstaff mountain. my brother mas married there a year ago, and i've ridden thorough that area countless times when we lived there. mountain lions are becoming an increasing problem as the town sprawls into the foothills. it's ironic to think that there is more natural danger in the white picket fenced world of boulder, colorado than here- one of the most remote and wild places in the country.

all for now. happy easter all.

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