Jul 30, 2006


while downtown yesterday, i saw an image that struck me as unique. it’s rare that i'm without my camera, but was forced to pass it up. i wasn’t far from home- i could have easily gone home to fetch it. i thought, however, ‘tomorrow’.

today- it was gone.

this is what pushes me to continue "you can’t see denali form here". it’s the act of capturing scenes that are fleeting. i’m moved by change. not progress necessarily, but change.

fairbanks is like many small towns on the outside: past it’s prime, and struggling for a new identity. while it has it’s identity crisis, i relish in it’s rough edges. it’s these edges that tell stories, hold history, and sometimes present surprises. The textures, colors, patterns, and lines of the ignored, are relentless.

too many people travel great distances to see beauty from afar, and don’t learn to see the beauty in the things that have always been close.

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listening to john vanderslice

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