Aug 25, 2006

Midwestern Friday

another rainy day in Fairbanks. it's a strange Friday, so i'm deeming this Midwest Friday. why? i have no idea, other than it seems lately like everything i'm interested in is coming from my old stompin' grounds.

> Minneapolis photographer, and teacher, Alec Soth has published his new book Niagara. The follow up to Sleeping by the Mississippi is continuing to catapult Soth into the stratosphere of the photography art world. Sleeping was, by far, the best photo book of 2005. there is an insightful interview with him over at conscientious- when he talks about process and anxiety it resonates.

> one of Soth's past students Brian Lesteberg has been making images of his family hunting in North Dakota for years, and his series is now getting the national recognition it deserves.

> a HOWie friend in Madison has kick started a new band, and their sound is delicious. give Thieves On Holiday a listen.

> the Figge Art Museum in Davenport turned one this month. i've yet to see it in person, but i've followed it's progress from a far. the facility has demanded space in every architecture magazine in the country over the last year. David Chipperfield is an internationl rock star in the architecture world, and the city pulled off something special in acquiring his talents. i'm anxious to witness the space when i am back in Iowa over the holiday.

> and, finally, i'm going to be an uncle again soon. Cory and Sharae are having a son and his middle name will be Benjamin. i'm honored, and i'm sure our grandpa Benny would have approved as well. i can't wait to see the little guy- the world needs more Bens.

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