Aug 8, 2006

photo lunch

i went to my first 'photo lunch' today. every tuesday a group of local photogs get together for lunch at pike's. it was a good group, but apparently small compared to previous weeks. i'll be interested to see what form this takes.

i was disappointed that Charles Mason wasn't there. i had spoken with him for the first time last week, and was very much looking forward to picking his brain about a thing or two. his absence was warranted however, as he got a call this morning from the New York Times to fly to Prudhoe Bay to cover the BP field shutdown.

my own plans to go to Prudhoe Bay this month have kind of shifted. my photo essay for Todd will take place this side of the Brooks Ranges instead. i will head toward Coldfoot on Friday for a couple days wandering in the shadow of the pipeline, making photos, and writing. as luck (that isn't quite the right word i know) would have it the oil field shut down would have limited my access on the slope tremendously, and the new slant puts a greater emphasis on my time with the pipeline itself. i'm anxious to journey north.

listening to sugar.

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