Oct 2, 2006

catching up

big news today is that my brother and his wife finally had their bouncing baby boy. Caden Benjamin was born this afternoon and is doing well. it's times like this that i regret the miles between us.

on the photography front...

i'm continuing to shoot images for my '...from here' series. it's becoming more coherent, and i'm restlessly content with the progress.

i got to thinking this weekend about the way we display work on the web, and what impact that has to our perception of the series. there are two camps- those that allow the viewer to follow a progression of a project, and those that keep a series under wraps until it's complete. i'm drawn to the the notion of watching a project evolve, but wonder what impact, if any, this has on the end result. does watching the images come at you slowly take away from the drama of seeing the entire collection? or do we appreciate watching the series progress, and the anticipation of where it will go?

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on a walk

listening to the shins.

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