Nov 1, 2006

Anchorage bound....again

dea and i are making another emergency trip to Anchorage this morning. her subclavian shunt that is used for her dialysis treatments is infected.

i've bounced back and forth since dea first became sick about how, if at all, i would talk about her kidney failure on this blog. our scare in Seattle last January was the catalyst for this blog in the first place. our reality is one of uncertainty, hospitals, and the complications of living off the grid in Alaska. but, more importantly, our reality is one of strength in family and friends. and for me- photography. it keeps me sane.

our journey for a transplant will ultimately take us to Minnesota in a few months, interrupted by occasional, and unexpected, trips to Anchorage. today, it's Anchorage.

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Alec Soth said...

I appreciate your openness. Blogging should have a good dose of honesty and urgency. Thank you.

I suspect you won't have any free time in Minnesota, but if you make it to Minneapolis I'd love to buy you a beer.

Take care. Keep the faith.

ben huff said...

thanks alec- i appreciate your thoughts. you're right- i believe if we take the time to put ourselves out there, blog or otherwise, we are obligated to do so with a bit of truth and candor.

if i make it up to Minneapolis i'll take you up on your offer!

Pod said...

oh. hope everything turns out ok. love some of your pics. take care!

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