Nov 29, 2006

Chicago x 3

three cool things about Chicago:

1. i'll be there in 3 weeks!

2. Brian Ulrich is showing his "Thrift" series at the Rhona Hoffman Gallery from December 1st - January 6th. i really enjoy, and admire, Brian's work and am stoked that i will be in town to see this show.

3. i picked up a good condition copy of Changing Chicago today at the Literacy Council used book store for $1! a surprise to find a photography book, and also to see some early work by Jay Wolke there. he has a beautifully unlikely new (2004) book of photos of the Dan Ryan Expressway.

listening to wilco


Brian said...

Ben, You best look me up!

ben huff said...

Ha! i will. hope the opening went well for you.

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