Nov 26, 2006

"worst palce in America?"

a good weekend here in Alaska with good friends, wine, and food.

i saw a funny thing at Gulliver's yesterday. there is a new book on the shelves that ranks the "the worst towns in America"- of course Fairbanks was on the list. The lead sentence states:

"take the worst place you've ever been, and subtract the sun- that's Fairbanks"

i had to laugh- part out of absurdity, and partly because i feel that way intermittently. i have a true love/hate relationship with this town. 'the land that design forgot' can get under your skin. when i begin to get frustrated, a trip North is mandatory. truth is i would defend this town ferociously if pushed. Fairbanks can be insufferable at times, but it's home, and our proximity to the playground that is the real Alaska is priceless.

listenining to American Music Club

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