Nov 22, 2006

"you can't see Denali from here"

things i've learned this week:

1. shoot more between April and October
2. there is plenty of time for web, catalog, and post work in December
3. wishing for warmer temps will only make you crazy
3. you're only as good as your best image

listening to Collin Herring


Pod said...

hey ben. thanks for visiting podville. it seems our worlds are very different. i enjoy your photos. they are like film stills. i wonder if you might like to see a short film that a friend of mine made called 'snow'. i will send a link shortly. have agreat thanksgiving!

Pod said...

here's the link. it is a bit of a small screen though. he was selected for cannes! you can vote for his film on the site if you like

ben huff said...

thanks POD. please send my regards to Dustin- i enjoyed his short.

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