Feb 19, 2007


there's been a lot of talk lately about photography in relation to cities and regions. it seems that many in the art world have begun to officially recognize a certain Midwestern aesthetic, and it's ignited interesting, if not humorous, conversation.

Chicago and Minneapolis lead the devision with team captains Brian Ulrich and Alec Soth respectively. to my knowledge Wisconsin and Iowa have yet to field a team, but i'm fairly certain recruiting has begun. most of the conversation has been in good form with Ulrich coining the term "Chicagrapher" - the group of contemporary lake shore photographers that have banded together like the 06/07 Bears, but with a better quarterback.

Soth has been a little more quiet- head games from the North perhaps. the kind that can only be made by a man that sizes up Cat Power. he is an MVP after all, and more than a few aces up his black velvet suit coat sleeve.

Ulrich has drawn the line in the sand- today i notice that his blog links are divided into such city centric lists. so, if this is the way it must be i can't help but think about Alaskagraphers. every Tuesday is Photo Lunch here in Fairbanks. a group of local snappers get together to talk photography, bitch about the cold (it's 38 below as i type this), share a few laughs, and eat marginal food. i'll bring up Alaskagraphers next week and let you know how it goes. something tells me they'll just look at the 'young guy' and shake their heads.


Amy_Elkins_Photography said...

I'll start a movement unattached to any one place....
wanderlustographers. That will contain all locations into one big group of creative folks. Alaskagraphers and Chicagraphers alike are welcome.

Your work is beautiful.

ben huff said...

thanks for the kind words Amy.

i love the term wanderlustographer- so much more romantic than the city centric moniker.

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