Feb 18, 2007


i've been spending much time on, and thinking a lot about, the "denali" series lately. always shooting more images, but the past few days also printing and making some sort of order out of what i have. the, roughly, fifty images that i feel work on a certain level need to be edited considerable no doubt, but i've felt as of late that there is something significant missing.

one of the driving forces behind the look of the series is in fact that the images could have been found anywhere in the country. they aren't necessarily images that are exclusive to Fairbanks, and this is what i find interesting. i don't want the viewer to immediately connect with the image. the images in a way challenge the viewer as to how well they are paying attention. what do we, as a community, choose to see on a regular basis. what do we ignore.

i've felt lately though that too many of the images are object driven. i don't what the photos to give too much away, and i'm drawn to images that use minimal visual information, but i'm seeing lately that i need to stand back a little. literally and figuratively.

so, that being said i've been approaching things a little differently. creating a little more place, a little more space. letting the images breath a little. i have a tendency to get in close, which as a general practice is a good thing i think, but i've been relying on that closeness too much- becoming too predictable.

so, this space will contain more such images from here on out. some will work, more no doubt won't, but i'll figure out their validity in the process.

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Pod said...

didn't realise you had your other site. just had a gander. very cool. i am impressed!

ben huff said...

thanks for stopping pod. i'll be adding more images to the other site soon, so stop by again.

i can't look at your blog again until we start getting some warmer weather here - all of the beach photos make me crazy:)

Pod said...

if it's any consolation, the heat drives me crazy sometimes and stops me sleeping. i crave a roll in the snow (for 5 minutes) ;0)

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