Feb 12, 2007

Drinking with Loomis

i talk about photographers that i like quite often in this space. i don't, however, spend much time with the editorial photographers - today i have a fine reason to do so. i stumbled upon John Loomis' blog recently, and it's been like a novel that i can't put down. this weekend i read every post in his archive. apparently, i'm a dork.

there are many fine art photographers giving the blog world the fix it craves, but editorial bloggers are a little harder to come by. i'm hooked on Loomis.

other guys i'm liking lately:
Brent Humphreys
Dave Lauridsen - it seems every time i take a second look at a spread in dwell, it's got his name on it.
Chris Buck - the reigning king of magazine portraiture - you can tell one of his covers from aisles away.

also, the 50 photographers/50 states issue of pdn is on the shelves, but i've yet to have it land in my mail box. some of their choices for the 50 seem...interesting.

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