Feb 11, 2007

the sun rose with piercing results today. i almost didn't know how to deal with it- it's been too long. when the sun finally starts flirting with us up here people start getting downright giddy. you'd have to try damn hard not to smile on days like this.

i strolled around downtown most of the afternoon - long shadows, warm hands, a healthy swagger, and folks keen to have their photos taken.

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Charles and Wally

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Frank, a local activist

listening to the tragically hip


Jeope said...

Ben, is it a testament to Fairbanks' small-town, friendly (I'm guessing here) mentality that you can approach these folks for snapshots? Are you just bold enough to ask 'em? Or do you just know these people? Curious is all ... I just feel my city's too big and people are too unpredictable to ask for photos. Though I'd like to sometimes.

ben huff said...

hey Jeope. i don't know any of them before i ask if i can make a photo.

it was difficult at first for me, but it's rush. i'm not an overly confident guy with new people, and it's been helpful in a lot of ways. just uttering the words "hi, my name is ben, and i'm a photographer" started out as a weird experience.

i've always held portraiture as the ultimate result of the medium. as i shoot more folks around town i realize more and more how talented those artists are that can do it really well.

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