Feb 24, 2007


i've just posted a new gallery on my site. The Farm is the product of time spent with my grandma Huff in December of last year, when my wife and i went home to visit our family.

as a kid, my brother and i spent practically every other weekend on the farms of our grandparents, aunts and uncles, and family friends in Southeastern Iowa. it's a world that i don't really know anymore, as i've been removed from it for years. photography wasn't part of my life back when i knew that land more intimately, and i was relieved that i was finally able to see the farm through the viewfinder, even for a very short time.

these photos are simply a snapshot, an hour of making photos, maybe less. more than anything these images are a document of normalcy- an afternoon just like any other.

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December 2006

listening to Nick Drake

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