Feb 27, 2007


the incomparable Amy Elkins has unveiled a unified new blog today. she finally puts to bed the talk of chicagraphers and even alaskagraphers (i wasn't gaining any traction anyway mind you) and has offered up a voice of unity.

all of this city/region/photo/chest thumping has been in jest, but Amy's venture with wanderlustagraphy is a sublime resulting effort to settle from the dust.

the impetus behind her effort is significant for me. i'm a Midwest guy, who lived in Colorado for years, and now finds himself in Alaska. some days i feel like i'm waking up in the wrong place. some days i can't imagine being anywhere else. i'm a man that grows roots, and values those roots, but wanderlust is always the pill for that which ails me.

if i've got a camera, i'm in the right place.

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Pod said...

i suffer the same...

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