Mar 30, 2007

Power & Poland

the spring issue of SEESAW is online. there's an interesting portrait of Poland by Mark Power. Dea visited relatives in Poland several years ago, i'll be interested to get her take on the images.

some of what Power says about Poland i could equate to my own feelings about Alaska. i often feel an outsider here, and that i see things differently. i consider this a gift in many ways- the burden of expectations on a place can be blinding at times.

"I'm suspicious of photographers who claim they can get under the skin of a foreign land in just a few weeks. Certainly, I am making no such claims. I resolutely remain and outsider, freely admitting that Polish culture is different from my own and that I don't really fit in, no matter how many books I read, films I watch, or people I talk to" ... "This is of course not to suggest that my work is any way pioneering, but it's the idea of discovery that i find most appealing"
- Mark Power

at times, i can relate.

view more of Power's Poland images at Magnum.

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