Apr 16, 2007

photos & music

i'm heading down to Anchorage tonight for a few days, so things will be a bit quite around these parts. i leave you with the following sweet spots of music, photography, and the a bit of harmony between the two:

No Depression's cover story of The Shins this month sports a faux self portrait of James Mercer shooting with a Hasselblad by Aldo Mauro (hot on the heals of Brad Pitt's cover with a Leica on Interview last month). The Shins aren't strangers to the using the art of making pictures as a backdrop to their sound - see a blast form the past here. also, some new stuff here.

it's getting increasingly more difficult for me to go a day without a little YouTube lovin- here the Masters get a little help form a classic Nick Drake tune.

it seems there is something in the water in blog world, or maybe it's because it's spring, but Tim Briner had music on his mind this weekend too.

finally, no music here, but i can't post without speaking about some photo-only goodness... i'm in a total jealousy induced appreciation of Shawn Gust's recent portraits. many to enjoy lately on his blog.

all for now.

listening to Spoon (I Turn My Camera On)


Anonymous said...

Ben-didn't mean to break you Sat. night, Greg ended up in pretty rough shape too. You boys and your Peaty-Scotch!


ben huff said...

ha! break me? i was just getting warmed up!

i fear we didn't respect the old Laphroig the way we should of. that style of drinking should be reserved for Pabst, not the good stuff.

thanks again for the good time. tell Greg 'hi' when he wakes up;)

Justin said...

I *heart* Shawn Gust. Good call Ben!

Anonymous said...

You beat me to the Shawn Gust punch, Ben. I love his blog, and I've been meaning to add it to my link list for a while now. Your post gave me the kick in the ass I needed to get it done. Thanks!

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