May 21, 2007

it's hot up here

summer's hear and it's getting hot. it pushed close to 70 degrees today, and you can almost feel the forest fires waiting. snickering. the tourists have landed as well. i saw six buses on first street at noon- wide eyed geriatrics everywhere. love this time of year.

more photos, words, and the like later. there are so many wonderful things going on right now by exceptional photographers. i want to talk about them all, but no time now. later.

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listening to The Jessica Fletchers


Pod said...

you must welcome the heat. the worm has turned here. i have wooly slippers on by the fire!

Jeope said...

What do the tourists come for? Or are they all just passing through?

ben huff said...

hey Jeope. good to 'see' you. most tourists come up on buses from the cruises down south. we're only a couple of hours form Denali, so most cruise lines make this a Northern add on.

there are a couple smaller tours that go up the Dalton, but for most we are the Northern most stop. they do the gold mine tours, museum, hot springs. most of what makes this place unique though is the winter, but the season stops in Sept. we do have mosquitoes now though.

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