May 15, 2007

move over Mr. Lynch

i've been lending my services to the local Rescue Mission for the past few weeks - taking photos at chapel and dinner to be used in mailers, posters, and their corporate donation materials. today, i was tasked with capturing customers shopping at their affiliated thrift store.

i'm a bit of a thrift store and garage sale nut myself. i'm always looking for a discarded jewel of a camera, or appealing photo by an unknown photographer. this afternoon John (the thrift store owner) had a recently acquired Cine-Kodak Eight Model 25 that i was playing around with when i first got there, as he was busy doing something in the back. it appeared to work, and was even holding some film. it's simple design, and antique feel had me hooked, but i soon forgot about it later as i made images of the store, and customers.

as i was leaving though, John handed me the little black block of video goodness with a firm handshake and a 'thank you'. i was reluctant, but he insisted. good guy.

so, i don't know the first thing about it, but i've found a site with a manual and 8mm film.

the simple pleasures: a cold beer and the sound of this old boy burning up film. i hope i'm not ruining someone else's masterpiece with video of my beer bottle.

listening to Greg Laswell

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Mauro C. said...

Can You Send Me A Picture of Your City for my blog project???
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