May 14, 2007


my blogging has been quiet as of late for a variety of reasons. time is a precious commodity lately. i've got a lot on my mind, and will post more this week as i find time.

two bits of media this week worth making time for:

Martin Parr discuses youtube, flickr, and the future of photography

life in Alaksa - 1, 2, & 3

listening to The Connells


Justin said...

Thanks for the taste of Alaska. I especially enjoyed the dialog in
"Brown bear kills moose in driveway 3"
Take care.

ben huff said...

hey Justin. i love how their conversation is so matter of fact.

i'm not rattled by much, but i have to say the grizz scare the shit out of me...

avs said...

thanks for potsing that Martin Parr piece. I really enjoyed listening to it!

Pod said...

cheers for the parr interview mr huff
have a good weekend with your new toy

ben huff said...

no worries guys. i love the parr too.

you having fun with your new toy pod? yours is a little more sophisticated than mine;)

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