Jun 5, 2007


it seems that i always reflect in the days leading up to a trip- typically thinking about the time spent between the last trip outside. i'm pained to say that i've been thinking more lately than acting on said thoughts- a sort of self imposed paralysis of growth. i haven't been seeing clearly or shooting clearly.

better things are ahead.

the prospect of Dea getting well, and able to enjoy Alaska again makes me happy. being here has been a struggle for her the past several months. of course, she wouldn't have it any other way. but, we've always said that if it ever became dangerous for her to live here, or more realistically too expensive, we would leave. we would just pack our things and go. with great regret, but certain in our direction, we would just go.

the thought of leaving left me empty today. too many photos to make, and things to see. i've taken too much for granted. my photography, my voice, is begging to be taken a new direction, but i've been holding back. upon our return, it's time to let it ride. now or never.

an image from last summer:

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fog rolling atop Pinnell Mtn. July 2006, 1:00am

listening to Afghan Whigs

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