Jun 8, 2007


Brain Ulrich has posted, in the past, about his teachers. Brian isn't one to shy away from accolades for great Chicago photographers. he holds the city, it's history, and the photographers, now and past, with great affection. recently he posted about his respect for Paul D'Amato, along with hysterical anecdotes of time spent.

I've always liked D'Amato's portraits, and Barrio especially. i'm anxious to get my hands on a copy of his new book. in addition to the images for Barrio, on his site, he has excerpts from his journal during 1989-2002. his words should be required reading for any photographer struggling to get inside a project.

from "the 90's":
" i just want to be looking at things that knock me out, instead of trying to figure out how to make something that is thinly interesting into a good picture. I want to be in situations that get my blood going and make me forget everything else, situations in which I have to choose quickly between a number of ways this can look in a photograph. My imagination goes wild and it’s as if I see all the possibilities at once."

- link to an interview on Chicago Public Radio can be heard here (also linked with other media on the left column).

Also, through Todd Deutsch's blog, a must see show at MoCP - Relative Closeness.

in other, unrelated, Chicago news- Dea received bad news about her transplant. she's been struggling with an infection recently, and the team at Mayo has called off the surgery until we can get it cleared up. we're headed to Anchorage Monday to have her dialysis catheter replaced, and will shoot for a reschedule in July of August.

thanks to everyone for their concern, emails, and the like.

more photography to come. projects, other photographers, news, and random ramblings coming soon.

listening to The Rolling Stones.

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sorry about the delay mate! all in good time hey?

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