Jun 18, 2007

back at it

i'm back in Fairbanks in one piece after an insane amount of driving up on the Dalton this weekend. as always, that stretch of road delivered- stellar views, midnight sun, wildlife (a grizzly among others), interesting people and unusually mild weather. we, my good friend Martin (UAF biologist and writer), and I got as far as Galbraith Lake on the North side of the Brooks Range where we camped for the night. all in all a good trip.

photos? i completely lost the plot. it became grimly obvious well into the first day the enormity of my task, and my sheer ignorance to believe that i could even begin to make solid portraits, any images really, with the amount of time i was allowing myself. too much time in the car, and not enough behind the glass.

so, i'm back in town, back to the day job, and know that there are images up there that i need to make. frustratingly, i'm back from a trip having really gotten no further than before. although, i do feel a bit like a successful thief- one who has just 'cased the joint'. i know the road a little better. i can see the photos that i want to make. i can see the people, their expressions. their love, fear, misunderstanding, need of the Dalton. in large part i failed, but i take some solace in recognizing the next steps.

i haven't begun to cull through the images yet, but i know what's there. i'll begin posting some images later, and more thoughts on the Dalton. if for no other reason than to get my head straight.

one more thought- Jen Beckman has an inspiring post today which features video of Alec talking about portraiture. it's the last thing i wanted to see this morning to be quite honest, but after watching the videos.... is it possible to feel disappointed and energized at the same time?


Anonymous said...

Thought of you when I saw the videos of Alec on Jen's blog. I'm sorry you didn't get the photos you'd hoped for, but I don't think it's failure. As you said, you were like a thief casing the joint. Now you can go back better informed, and you'll get much better results than if you had started with a long trip, not knowing what you wanted. It's all part of the process.

Also, check out Jen's link over on Personism to Alison Grippo's comments about the Magnum portfolio review yesterday. Quoting Alison, in part: "The experience made me feel normal, like what I was doing was the way to do it. That everything you do to create something is the right way to create it. You can make it better, you can 'bust it open,' you can constantly revise and revisit but your process is your process and it’s how it should be. That part of this is about just being honest, simple, curious, and sincere—and that creates not just good work, but a better self."

ben huff said...

hey Liz. thanks for that, i think you're right. great post by Alison as well.

btw, i saw your post the morning that i left, but didn't have time to write a coherent comment. i'll email you - been thinking a lot about that post.

Anonymous said...

You have in no way failed. Your objectives appear to be more clarified than before. When you refer to a thief casing the joint. You are correct and You are all the wiser and will be better prepared and your work will surely show that in the end...

And yes... possible to be energized and diappointed at the same, it helps clarify a direction and a purpose!!! What you do with that direction is up to you!

Good luck!

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