Jun 18, 2007


the truckers own the Dalton, or the haul road, as they call it. built in 1974, the road (whichever name you prefer) was employed for getting supplies to Deadhorse and the oil fields on the North Slope, and was closed to pleasure traffic until the mid 90's . only 200 vehicles a day, at best, pass through this 414 mile corridor in the summer months.

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mile 175, the trucker room at Coldfoot Camp

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"Dalton Highway Truckers,
Thank you for slowing down
& pulling to one side
as you passed our pick-up.
We very much appreciated
your courtesy & professionalism.
We know you make your living
driving this highway & must find
all the tourist traffic trying,
so thanks are in order even
more so"

listening to Dinosaur Jr.


Jessie Jane said...

Ok, my boyfriend's new favorite show is Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel and I couldn't help thinking of you the whole time I was watching it!

Talk about timing...


ben huff said...

holy shit. i just looked up that show - those guys are nuts! i love the north when it's snowy and burly like that. clear blue skies are nice for picnics, but poor for photography.

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