Aug 22, 2007

the geese know

it's been warm here lately. unseasonably warm. 80 degrees in August is a bit worrisome, but we've been loving it. we're lapping up the last minutes of summer ferociously - biking out the Denali Park road, climbing around on Gulkana Glacier, backpacking, salmon on the grill and beers with friends, picking gallons of wild blueberries - enjoying the last bits of summer. It's been easy to get tricked into thinking that the summer is still young.

earlier this week, though, I awoke to the sound of geese flying South. morning and night, teams of them are skipping town. they lift off from Creamer's Field and fly, in formation, right by our bedroom window. they know it's time.

i've been a bit delinquent with updates here, as i've been out soaking it all up. although i'll miss summer, i love fall here, and the cool weather has me anxious. i'm shooting again, and finding a rhythm. i'll post some new work soon. the shorter days bring sublime light.

listening to A.C. Newman


Pod said...

pictures you delinquent! pictures!

Shawn Gust said...

I noticed your geese have begun to arrive here in Idaho, Ben. Now I too am excited for autumn. Oh yeah, and pictures, like Pod says.

ben huff said...

hi guys. alright, starting to come around. pictures will start trickling in...

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