Aug 10, 2007

quiet around here

sorry for the lack of posting recently. i've been struggling with things a bit lately. editing, and beginning to print, some images from 'Denali' have my perception a little skewed. sometimes when i'm struggling, i put up a fight and in effect struggle harder - making it all worse. stop, step back, relax...then it all works it's way out. i never see this soon enough however.

i've been thinking a lot about Alaska photography lately: mine and others. i'm accused on occasion of not really photographing Alaska. not making those images of association that can only be made here. there are some points there to be made i suppose. i tend to ignore such comments, until i find myself feeling stale. i think that's where i'm at right now. in September i'll make another trip North to work out more direction on An Impossible Road. not a moment too soon.

thinking about Alaska, looking at maps, spending some time with the google, and all along the ever relevant humble arts foundation was highlighting the work of Corey Arnold. his photos of crab fishing on the Bering Sea honestly, floored me. cut me off at my knees! makes me sick with admiration. i want to call in dead to my day job, point my boots north, stick out my thumb, and just be gone. he's captured it.

all images copyright Corey Arnold

humble also has a great interview with Corey.

listening to The Whipsaws

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