Sep 6, 2007

8x10 dreams

this past Monday i began working with a borrowed 8x10. my good friend, and damn fine photographer, Dennis has kind of taken me under his wing in introducing me to large format photography. i've been pestering him for a couple months. last week i offered to be his sherpa - anywhere he wanted to shoot, i would carry his load, just for an opportunity to watch him work. he smiled, then finally caved.

so it begins. this past weekend he loaned me his backup 8x10 and 6 sheets of film. we've put together a 6 week plan of shooting, reviewing negatives, and discussion. i've made 3 exposures this week, and 'played' with the camera almost every waking hour, and dreaming of it while i've slept.

more on the 8x10, my progress, thoughts, and struggles with the new format soon..


Shawn Gust said...

Ah, the beauty of the 8x10! Similarly, I have a friend who has restored a WWII 8x10 and has given me permission to use it (once he purchases a lens). I am excited to do so....almost as excited as I am to see Your results.



Pod said...

lucky you
hope we get to see the fruits of your grovelling

ben huff said...

shawn, so here's the deal... you quit your day job, and i'll do the same. we'll pack the 8x10s. you head north, i'll head south, and we'll meet somewhere in BC and make photographs. you in?

pod, you up for a road trip to the northern hemisphere?

imac said...

Love the shot Ben,its one of my favs is water and reflections.

Shawn Gust said...

Yeah, that will be the life! Maybe in the spring?

ben huff said...

the spring it is then..

Pod said...

i'm always up for a road trip!

Timothy said...

Count me out! Large format and film? You guys are sooo old school. You even talk of "travel." These days we just have to "think" about what we want and it appears inside the "brain-developer" and it comes out daily with our waste. Nice!

Timothy Briner III, Boonville, 2055

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