Sep 9, 2007

Sally, Robert and a rainy day

fall is here in the interior. the leaves are changing. there is a clean, almost sterile, smell to the air. it's been wet and dreary all day.

it's the kind of day for reading, reflecting, thinking - having a false sense of productivity. i went to the library last week and brought home with me copies of Second Sight and To Make It Home. something about a chilly, rainy, day that makes the two resonate even more.

there is a photo on page 31 of Second Sight that i haven't been able to get out of my mind. i tried to find it online, but came up short. it's of a woman standing outside by a clothes line - clothes blowing, hair blowing, and her gesture is one of flight. wish i could find it for you- words are trivial.

in looking for the photo, i came across the PBS' art:21 website. sadly, we don't get the program here as part of Alaska One's programming, but i'm making a call tomorrow to try to change that. it's an entire show devoted to artists of the 21st Century, and the website is a treasure trove of interviews and video clips.

Sally Mann was the subject of a segment during season one on place. i never tire of watching other photographers work. the video clips are but previews, but the entire season is available on DVD. it's worth watching the abbreviated versions:

"if it doesn't have ambiguity, don't bother taking it. i love that aspect of photography"
- Sally Mann from the Dog Bones clip

season 4 starts next month, and among the artists is Robert Adams on November 11th.

burning oil sludge. Weld County, Colorado, 1973
© Robert Adams

listening to Belle and Sebastian

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