Sep 16, 2007

the weekend

i haven't been shooting as much the past couple of weeks. i've been spending more time behind the camera than usual, but i'm making drastically fewer images. it feels really good. to be honest, i feel like things are starting all over for me, and i'm embracing it. Dennis and i spent the afternoon together again today. i'm enjoying the role of student, and i think he's getting a kick out of being the reluctant teacher.

the weather, too, has been conducive to fiddling in the darkroom. we are socked in with rain, and the rest of the week looks to be one soggy day after another. any day now i will awake to snow on the ground. i'm looking forward to it.

the cooler weather is welcome now also, because in a few weeks i will be ditching the car and the tie, and be able to begin walking to work. this week, i accepted a job back at the bookstore. i received an opportunity to work full time at the store, get benefits, work normal hours (no weekends), and be able to pay the bills. i'm looking forward to being around books again and enjoying the freedom of working next door. i enjoy the atmosphere there. it's going to be a good change.

i've got a lot on my mind lately. i'll try to get some of it here as it starts to make some sense.


Pod said...

hey mate! hurrah for the change

Eero said...

Which bookstore??

I am looking forward to the snow, too. I think we are a minority...

ben huff said...

hey eero. i'll be over at b&n. when the snow starts falling, i'll be able to ski to work..

michael said...

Hi Ben,

sounds good and exciting. Changes in life are always a new step and let you grow. I think for me it's also time to have some changes, although I don't know exactly what to do. Enjoy the snow and the cooler weather!!!

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