Jan 24, 2008


printed. matted. framed. statement written. delivered. done.

i'm so relieved to have the work for this show delivered to the gallery. Dave was anxious to get it as well i think, as i'm not really known here, and he and i haven't worked together before. he took a gamble with me, and i appreciate it.

next Friday will be a trip- i've never had a show of this size. when i think of what i've learned over the last six months i'm amazed. i've made mistakes, pushed through, and intensely enjoyed the process. regardless of the reception of the photos, i'm pleased with what has been done. i don't know if the work has legs, and if i'll shop it elsewhere. for 2008 i might be content with just shooting. growing. i'm headed in a different direction with my new work, and it feels right. for now, i'm obsessively keyed in on the now.

this will sound corny, and obvious, but i love being a god damn photographer. the ups and downs. the doubts and conviction. seeing my chosen perspective laid out through the lens. the magic of a successful print. the people i meet along the way. the discourse. the struggle, and ultimate completion of a thought. the constant learning and perpetual uphill slog. the beautiful struggle. i love it all.


Jessie Jane said...

Congratulations!!! Good for you for pursuing this and making it happen. Momentum is a beautiful thing - use this experience to feed the next one. "Legs" are only helpful if you use them!


Lena said...

looking forward to your show!

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