Jan 26, 2008

cold snap

today feels like Alaska. we've been spoiled lately with mild temperatures. last week as the news man talked nightly about the cold in the lower 48, we were basking in an uneasy stretch of warm weather. it seems odd to me that they can talk about the entire country being gripped by cold weather and fail to mention that Barrow is warmer than Chicago.

last night the forecasts called for -40°f. i had planned a trip north this morning, but the weather had me wavering. Wiseman saw -55°f overnight. even setting up shots in the car and just emerging for the exposure is brutal. i have visions of my entire rig shattering under the pressure. two weeks ago, up by the river, the temperatures, although milder, meant stuck shutters, frozen actions, and unpredictable fingers. i decided last night to bag the trip. i'd stick close to home, do some scanning, and finally finish Ordinary Wolves.

Dea's been working nights in the field, and i haven't been sleeping well. as things would have it i slept until noon today. i haven't done that since i was a kid. Dea slept till 2:00. a world away from waking up every two hours to start the car somewhere along the road up North.

yet, the sun today is brilliant. in the winter, clear skies bring cold. the light belies the -30°F. we're told there will be a slight reprieve tomorrow- just enough to warrant a North bound day trip.

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