Feb 2, 2008

photo hangover

my opening last night at Well Street was a success. thank you to all of you who came out to see the show. the four hours was gone in a flash of photo talk with good friends, and the introduction to so many fantastic new faces. as events like that go, i missed speaking with many of you, but i appreciate all of the support.

the photos jumped off the walls and looked exquisite wrapped around a full house.

if you missed opening night - the show will hang until March 4th.

Dea shot a bit of video early in the evening..


michael said...

Congratulations Ben, I wished I could have been there and see the photos on the wall. Hopefully you will post a few photos of the show on you blog. Wish you lots of success, Michael

m. cacioppo said...

i found your photoblog via daniel shea's photoblog. i have one of my own, and i'm attempting to exchange links with other photographers who link to others blogs. so perhaps we could exchange links? you can check out my work at http://melissacacioppo.net, and the blog i'm looking to link up is at http://mcacioppo.blogspot.com

let me know what you think.


Jeope said...

Congratulations, Ben!

Ben M. said...

Looks like good fun (and plenty of work). If only Fairbanks wasn't so far away.

Ben, are you going to post some of the images used in the show?

ben huff said...

thanks guys, wish you all could have been here.

Ben, i'm really lagging on my new site. i'll edit the images on my old site and bring it back online soon. thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

I finally posted a little review of First Friday, including a rave about your show.

ben huff said...

Nicole, thanks for the kind words over at 'mama'. i'm glad you and TJ could come out.

oh, and as for the Obama onesie... you can get one at the Obama Store of course...perfect for the next first friday with the kids?..

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