Mar 7, 2008

the end of the road

i'm flying up to the end of the road, Deadhorse, in the morning. i traded my good friend Martin a print for enough frequent flyer miles for a round trip ticket. i really don't know what to expect up there in the winter. i'm anxious as hell, and have thousands of images dancing in my head.

it feels odd to be leapfrogging over the road to get to the end for a couple days. driving to Deadhorse this time of year is at least a four day affair, but with the flight, i'll be back in town Sunday night to punch in for the day job on Monday.

somebody asked me today, "what do you want to do with your photography?"

for the first time, i thought to myself "this". projects like this, the process, really satisfies me. ultimately i want to find a market for my images and earn enough to sustain it. we all do right? but, the truth is, this process of exploring is exactly what i want to be doing.

a recent image from the Dalton

Finger Mountain wayside, February 2008


boomer said...

what a great last paragraph/thought!

Lena said...

amazing shot! a very ephemeral and intriguing take on a familiar scene. i love it.

mro said...

Beautiful picture Ben, but I can't help but wonder how many times you drove in circles to get the tracks! (Just kiddin' - I know you are a purist).

ned rozell said...

Man, you are gettin' it!

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