Mar 5, 2008

Shawn Gust

sometimes a photographer that i think i know well does something that completely surprises me. astounds me. a body of work, or maybe a single photo, which works on different levels, make me think past the image, makes me linger, and ultimately makes me wish i had done it.

Shawn Gust has done just that with his contribution to Living Within Limits: A Collaboration With Nature. He speaks about the project here and here, and more importantly shows his work here. i won't post his video, as i want you to sit in his room and watch it, not mine. it's worth every second.

© Shawn Gust


Anonymous said...

I think this video is a flawless example of how, when the project and photographer are perfect for each other, the work is, as you put it, astounding. I've always loved Shawn's work, but with this project he takes it to another level entirely, and though I know part of the reason for that is because of the effort he put into it, I also believe it's because this photo/video project was his in some kind of fundamental way. That feeling, that result, is what I hope to find in my own work someday.

Becky =) said...

Right on! Shawn's work is precise, steady, consistent, simply astounding and well as we all know.... has the capacity to make us all sit back and contemplate our own direction or lack thereof. Everything that Shawn puts forth has a "I wish I'd thought of that..." result.

and well.... Ben I whole heartedly agree.... although I've known Shawn for a couple of years ....just when you least expect it he throws out there something that just simply blows his audience away. Emerging artist.... I think most certainly! He is a rare, rare talent and I am positive that he will make his very memorable mark on the world - I have a feeling he is just getting started.... and the world is ready!!!!!

Becky =)

Shawn Gust said...


Thank you very much for the nod. This is quite a nice post. I wish you could be here for the show. It looks good.


You know I've been wanting to do a video for some time now. This isn't exactly what I envisioned for my first attempt, but I am happy with it. There are some big changes coming soon and this will allow me to pursue the video thing even more. I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

We are huge fans of Mr Gust, and fotunate enough to be able to go to the artists opening night of the exhibit. Amazing! Moving! Outstanding!
To see this image, Moving Hay, enlarged and hanging in a gallery setting brought a tear to my eye. We are so very proud of what he has accomplished. To listen to Shawn speak of the project and his part in how it all came together, inspirational! Ben thank for giving him props. If you happen to be in the extreme Northwest the images are a must see.

ben huff said...

looks as though you have great support Shawn. wish i could have been there to raise a glass at opening night.

i'm sure this project will kick open a few doors for you. deserved.

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