Apr 24, 2008

Alaska Positive

i posted a few weeks ago that Bill Owens was in Juneau to judge the Alaska Positive competition. at the time i hoped to get a piece in the show and to have a few beers with him. i'm happy to report that i accomplished both.

i was awarded a 2nd place honor for the photo of Mickey below- a part of my ongoing project on the Haul Road. i'll have three photos traveling the state with the show for the year. you can view the press release here.

Mickey, Yukon River


Justin said...

Congrats Mr. Huff! Wanted to stop by and say hi too, hope you are doing well.

Brian Jackson said...

Way to go Ben! It seems like your work is starting to gain momentum.


mro said...

Congratulations Ben, nice to see that some of those long days at the wheel, cold nights on the side of the road, and crazy dogs jumping out of windows are starting to pay off.

Dan said...

hey nice job ben! i wondered which pic it was that won the prize. i like the big copies at your place. enjoy the open spaces up north.

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