May 5, 2008

Andreas Horvath

my friend Ed has an infatuation with Russia. along with trips there, language immersion classes, and plenty of daydreaming i suspect, he owns a photography book by Andreas Horvath. every time i go over to Ed's i find myself holding this book. i've never given it the time i would a book of my own, and i seem to find different pieces every sitting that demand my consideration.

i've spoken in the past about the distinct visual style difference between Roberts and Delahaye's version of Russia. i think Horvath's work blends the things that I like, separately, about the previously mentioned works. he blends the undeniable harshness of Siberia with a subtle sweetness. it's a bitter sweet, not sugary, but it's there.

all images © Andreas Horvath

listening to The Frames


patcaribou said...

check out Alexey Titarenko's stuff:

isash said...

I loved your photos!

I got a photo blog too!

Its Brasilian photos!

see you.

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