Apr 1, 2008

mud & white

it topped 50° today. the runoff out my office window is carrying on a beautiful racket. today, it finally feels like we've turned a corner.

with breakup though, comes the mess. the mud and wet. oh, the mud. the ankle deep puddles. the lake we call our parking lot. it will eventually yield to the time of the year that makes it all worth it, but the next month will be ugly.

i shot a roll of black and white film today, and it felt great. i'm getting acquainted with a new (new to me anyway) Mamiya 645 (more on this later) and i was simply giddy this afternoon. slush nearly over my boots, the loud chunk of the heavy shutter, and the nostalgia of trying to see in mono. the mud becomes neutral, and the dirty white keeps a bit more of its integrity. i need to do this more regularly- drift out of my comfort zone. there was a time when i shot exclusively black and white. no reason, really, for me not to continue along with color and mono.

also, no reason to question. just shoot.

listening to Shane Bartell

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