Apr 2, 2008

the generosity of others

a few weeks ago i broke my 4x5 beyond repair. i was up North at the time and Dea was in Chicago, visiting her parents over spring break. i called her from my tiny motel room in Deadhorse, exasperated, and she (as she always does) took my melodramatic venting in stride.

the following day, during a gathering at her parents house, she relived my experience with their neighbor John. John is a very successful wedding photographer in Chicago, and an all around great guy. she lamented how she felt bad for me, as i was hoping to pick up a used medium format camera this summer, but instead, would be replacing my (relatively) newly acquired 4x5. John left the party, and returned later with a beautiful old Mamiya 645. he handed it to Dea.

my photography life the last three years has been punctuated with acts like this. Charles, Barry, and especially Dennis have been unspeakably generous to me. loaning me equipment, giving me equipment, indulging my ignorance at times, and just being there when i have a question. i'm actually amazed at the photography community in general at times- the information that is shared, and the surprising lack of ego.

i've been very fortunate recently.

i think it's time for me to start paying it forward.


Jessie Jane said...

What goes around comes around; I think it probably speaks to your own character as much as it does to that of those around you.


ben huff said...

thanks JJ. i think i've just surrounded myself with great people.

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