Jul 10, 2008

Carolyn Drake

Carolyn Drake is the kind of photographer that makes me want to run outside and make photos, or sell my camera and buy a Playstation, depending on my mood.

she has an ability to get right to the crux of it time after time. no theatrics, just good, pure, photography. serenity and power exist on the same plane, and so often i feel them right in my gut.

she just won the Lange-Taylor Prize along with writer Ilan Greenberg. congratulations to them both.

all photos © Carolyn Drake

listening to The Whipsaws


Matthew said...

Hi Ben. I just discovered your blog this morning sitting in a Starbucks in south Florida and wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying it. I'll definitely be coming back to look through your older posts and am eager to discover new ones.

Also, I think Carolyn has this influence on everyone. She's so damn good. Truly an amazing talent.

ben huff said...

thanks for stopping by Matthew. i just got acquainted with your blog as well - good stuff there.

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