Jul 6, 2008

the farthest north ...

i just got back from taking Pella for a walk. as we walked, i watched the rain creaping in from the North, and became unusually aware of the UHAUL sign that sat at the bottom of my view. i tried to put myself somewhere else other than on the bike path along the expressway, but it wasn't happening. the giant squares of U, H, A, U and L were all i could see after a while.

this UHAUL store is not just any UHAUL store, it's the farthest north UHAUL store. says so right there in the window. we love that moniker here in Fairbanks. across the street we have the farthest north Walmart (now a newly anointed superWalmart) flanked by the farthest north Lowe's and the farthest north Home Depot. a newly built Holiday Inn Express opens in August, the farthest north Holiday in Express. across the street from that is the farthest north McDonald's (much to the chagrin of the previous farthest north McDonald's 1/2 mile to the south). Fairbanks is home to the farthest north Chili's, and Old Navy...okay, you get the point.

my favorite farthest north landmark? the farthest north stop light, less than a mile from my place. over half of the state exists above the latitude of that light.

objects in your mirror are closer than they appear.

listening to Bon Iver


Jeope said...

I had to check. There are unconfirmed reports on the net of a stop light in Inuvik.

These are funny though. Such a strange distinction to boast.

Chad said...

perhaps they will soon close the farthest north starbux....

ben huff said...

jeope, stop light or not, i just took a look at Inivik and it looks like a great place.

chad, no Starbucks here. just one in the Barnes & Noble, and the two Safeways. btw, i just had a friend in Boulder and he brought back some Amante beans- made me think of bike racing.

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