Aug 18, 2008

about others

it's easy to get carried away with the me me me method of blogging at times. i'm guilty. today, i want to take the time though, to give a nod to photographers who are also doing positive things for other photographers.

i have a great deal of respect for Ben Alper at The Exposure Project and Michael Werner of Two Way Lens. both of these guys are taking time away from their own photography to give something to the rest of us.

Michael has just started Two Way Lens as a home for interviews of some of the greatest new photographers of the day. he has interviewed both Richard Renaldi and Andrew Phelps, and there are some really great bits there. i'm one that eats interviews like this up, and i'm anxious to see who Michael has on tap next.

The Exposure Project is a bit of an elder in the blog world; highlighting new, and established, photographers alike with intelligent insight. Ben and the crew have taken their efforts to print, and just released the third edition of The Exposure Project Book. it features the work of 8 up and coming photographers including Ben and my good friend Justin James Reed.

buy the book.

© Justin James Reed


Neil Alado said...


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I have already added you blog link under my blogroll.

Thank you and God Bless.

Justin said...

Thanks Ben!

ben huff said...

you're welcome Justin.

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