Aug 22, 2008


Dea flies home this weekend. it's been a long time since i was in Rochester. much has happened to her since i left; tests, biopsies, a blood clot, countless appointments with doctors, surgeons, nurses, techs and the like.

this week has put things in perspective for me. i'm a little slow. truth is, what looks good on paper is seldom what it seems. responsibility is a tough go sometimes, and the right decision isn't always the easiest to pull off. see, i should have been there with her, not here. if this treatment works, she'll be getting my kidney. this is the way we've always wanted it, but the past week i've been as distant from the process as i've ever been. i came home, went back to work, bumped around this apartment, and have done little else. my mind is with her every minute, but that is little consolation to her. of course, i'm not so dense to take anything for granted, but when your love is in pain- employment, insurance, the dog, bills, photography, it all seems trivial. of course, reality dictates that some of these things are anything but trivial. it's a fine line.

it will just be good to have her home.
Dea chasing Pella, Colorado, 2005


Sarah said...

beyond true, Ben and she is coming home, nothing more needs to be said.

snowgecko said...

very sweet, ben. my best to both of you!

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