Nov 3, 2008


3 days
2 nights sleeping in the truck
1,024 miles
$4.69/gal gas above the arctic circle
42 sheets of film
42 instances of a patented mixture of doubt and confidence
1 (new) crack in the windshield
0 conversations about politics
5 conversations about the weather
1 rereading of Self Reliance
6 listens of Cease to Begin
17 musk ox
5 lynx
4 fox
1 snowy owl
1 hawk
countless caribou, ptarmigan, and raven
1 Halloween pumpkin
1 impromptu mushing ride in Coldfoot (thanks Victoria)

mile 301

this trip solidified so much for me. i figure things out during long stretches of driving in a fraction of the time i do at home. something about the world flying by out my window that speeds time- an urgency and clarity that i've failed at replicating elsewhere. i'm exhausted. more later.


TomRS said...

more please!

ben huff said...

hi Tom. i'll have a few more digital photos soon, but will have to wait on the film for most.

Jeope said...

Call me crazy – or not – but colour me extremely envious.

ben huff said...

hey Jeope. as i stood outside the truck for that photo, i felt like an incredibly fortunate person.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the drive Ben!

brown said...

dang! 5 lynx? that's crazy! can't wait to see the work as it evolves...

ben huff said...

yep, 5! a lynx family strolled across the road just North of Wiseman. as they vanished into the trees the last one stopped to turn and look at me as i stopped on the road. we just sat there for a second staring at each other.

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