Nov 19, 2008


I'm up late tonight, scanning film from my trip to Prudhoe Bay last month. A box of negatives, a surprisingly solid new cd by John Mellencamp (yes, The Cougar), a stout, and my dog curled up at my feet under my desk. It doesn't get much better.

The forecast predicts our first night of 35° below tonight, and I'm content to have a pile of film to hold me over for a while.

oil rigs, Prudhoe Bay, November 2008


Ian MacLellan said...

This is a great glimpse of Alaska. I love the mood of all these cool colors.

mro said...

Love this picture Ben...was thinking about you today as it's Foto-week in DC.

Check out the link to my favorite...I loved the concept of contact prints being a story.

ben huff said...

maybe i'll make it out for FotoWeek next year.

i was going through old photos last week, and thought of you Martin - wish i had a usable image of you and Turtle at Galbraith Lake..

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