Sep 3, 2009

the last hurah

september is my favorite month in the Interior of Alaska. our true nights are back, the air is crisp, and the tundra is on fire with color.

i'm heading south the the Denali Highway with Dea and some friends for a three day excursion into the Alaska Range. 30 miles of hiking, 30 miles of floating, and a 10 mile run back to the car. this will be the last trip taken for the true pleasure of it for some time.

i am starting the MFA program here at UAF in a couple of weeks, and with the full time job, free time will be a rare commodity. i've always been prone to biting off more than i can chew, but have found that i work best when a little frayed at the ends.

i'm going to relish this three day weekend of playing. i might even bring a camera. i gave up lugging gear around on trips like this years ago, but seeing the intense purple sky tonight while i drove home from the grocery store has me packing up the holga.

back to a more regular blogging after this reset.

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