Sep 13, 2009

Mitch Epstein's Power

this month's Granta magazine has an inspired teaser for Mitch Epstein's new book America Power. i've always been impressed by the print quality of Granta, and with each issue am pleased that they continue to fly the flag for good photography.

i'm looking forward to pulling the shrink wrap off of a copy of Power. the few images, and his own text, in Work have left me wondering, and wanting, for some time. the concept of making a document of "what powers America" is daunting to say the least - its such a fine line to walk visually to illustrate climate change, power, and humanity across the country within the confines of photographs - even 63 of them. a region, or city would be difficult enough, but the entire country? makes my head hurt - then again, i'm not Mitch Epstein. the few images i've seen of the work so far, tell me that he paints with fairly broad strokes, and maybe that's the answer. i hope to find beneath the cover the accessibility, and intimacy, that i love so much in his work.

BP Carson Refinery, California 2007 © Mitch Epstein

Amos Coal Power Plant, Raymond West Virginia 2004, © Mitch Epstein

in gathering images for this post, i was none too surprised to find images from Alaska. it looks like he was here in 2007. at 72x90 inches, his prints are imposing, though i've always thought of him as a book photographer. his strength is in his sequencing, and the narrative possibilities that 64 images in a book can accomplish.

Trans-Alaska Pipeline 2007, © Mitch Epstein


SEO packages said...

what a great shot of the oil refinery. and thats a really big flag! amazing. nice blog. love your photos.

Justin said...

Thanks for the heads up Ben, just pre - ordered it myself!

ben huff said...

Justin, i'll be interested to hear any comments you have on the book.

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