Nov 29, 2009

some of the new and a lot of the old

Deadhorse, Alaska, 2009

this image is from my last trip up to Deadhorse. it will take some time for me to work out how this last trip fits into the bigger picture. i've scanned the film, made some small prints, and stuck them in a drawer. the photos were made, that's the important bit. i'll come back to them later.

this photo has struck a chord with me recently, though, completely out of context from its eventual reading. i feel like i'm the one behind that window. scanning. printing. filing. writing. all of the necessary actions to get photographs out into the world. with each negative, i'm taken back to a place, a predicament, a moment of clarity.

its as if the act of making the photograph is a grand raucous bender. all euphoria and fantasy. the day after, you pay the price - holed up in a room with the walls closing in as you are confronted with the reality of your actions.

maybe that's a bit dramatic. i guess its that i wish i could find a way to bottle that urgency of being out in the elements and apply it to the hours spent with the image later.


Anna said...

just beautiful.

Elizabeth Fleming said...

This one is now a tie with the blue lights tree image. Gorgeous.

ben huff said...

thanks to both of you

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